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Visual Summary of “Pluriverse: A Post-Development Dictionary”

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Book by: A. Kothari, A. Salleh, A. Escobar, F. Demaria, A. Acosta
(Summary by: @joycming )


  1. Chronopolitically: all nations advance in the same direction
  2. Geopolitically: “leaders” of this path (developed countries) show straggling countries which way to go
  3. Sociopolitically: measure “development” thru economic performance (GDP)
  4. Actors mainly experts of governments, multinational banks, corps.

(GLOBALIZATION = development without nation states)

MODERNITY: individualism, private property, free markets, political liberalism, secularism, representative democracy, universalism

ANTHROPOCENTRISM: belief that the Earth was created for humans, leading to divisions…

By Joy M. and Alisa Nguyen

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THE COLOR OF COMPROMISE: The Truth About the American Church’s Complicity in Racism

Book by Jemar Tisby

Summary by Joy Ming and Alisa Nguyen

RACISM = Prejudice + power


Complicit vs Courageous Christianity

  • Complicit Christianity: Comfort > Conflict. Devaluing the image of God in POC to keep the status quo
  • Courageous Christianity: Stands against any person, policy or practice that devalues the glory of God in any human being


THE BIBLE [image of an open Bible]

CLAIMS: Letter >…

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DESIGN JUSTICE: Community led practices to design the world we need

By Sasha Costanza-Chock (Summary by Joy Ming)

Design justice considering how DESIGN distributes both penalties and privileges to individuals based on their location within the MATRIX OF DOMINATION and to attend to the ways this operates at various scales

  • Design: affordances, disaffordances; objects/environments; services, systems, processes
  • Matrix of domination: interlocking systems of oppression like white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, capitalism, settler colonialism, ableism

Design Justice Principles

  1. [image of a growing plant]
    We use design to sustain, heal, and…

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(Summary by Joy Ming)

The 4-part Nonviolent Communication Process

Clearly and honestly expressing HOW I AM without blaming or criticizing / Empathetically receiving HOW YOU ARE without hearing blame or criticism


What you SEE, HEAR, REMEMBER, IMAGINE (free from any evaluation) that does or does not contribute to your well being

→ Focus on specific behaviors from your own perspective


How you feel (emotion, not thought) in relation to what you observe

→ Distinguish between what we feel and who we think we are and how we…

Summary of “development” book club readings from April 2017-June 2020

By Joy M., Victoria T Gu, and Meiri Anto

We are leaders of a book club that reads books related to “development” — it started out with the intention of reading books related to international development and technology but has since expanded to include content about the future of work, climate change, governance, systemic inequality, economic theory, social entrepreneurship, and much more.

The following is a summary of themes that have emerged from the books we read on a roughly monthly basis from April 2017 to June 2020 (full schedule…

The PAAC fellowship was an absolutely amazing experience — it really transformed my understanding of myself as a Progressive, Asian American, and Christian and how I relate to my community and the world.

Here’s a small piece of the awesome content that we covered!

PAAC FELLOWSHIP 2020 (summary by Joy Ming)

APIDA Histories

  1. Orientalism (before Asians in US, seen as weak, inferior, submissive, feminine)
  2. Anti Asianist (separation, exclusion, expulsion — don’t belong, wont “give up on their foreignness”)
  3. Liberal (“defend” democracy, speak for Asians, “just as American as the rest of us”)
  4. Asian American (focus on community experience, parallel to…

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(Summary by Joy Ming)

Antiracist: supporting antiracist policy through actions or expressing antiracist ideas

  • Antiracist policy: any measure that produces or sustains racial equality between racial groups
  • Antiracist ideas: any idea that suggests the racial groups are equal in all their apparent differences — nothing is wrong or right with any racial group

These are not fixed identities and we need to constantly, actively snub all forms of racism, including

  • Biology (race is a mirage we put in…

Joy M.

Wants to change the world using technology. Loves both exploring new places and curling up with a good book and a cup of tea.

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