The (Activist) Hats I Wear

A visual summary with a light purple background featuring an Asian-American woman wearing green (researcher), pink (worker), and blue (person) hats. There are short explanations of each of the hats and she also has a thought bubble with questions about how these hats are balanced.

The following is a description of the text contained by the visual summary.

My background in industry makes me wary of just building it and waiting for them to come. As a


I wonder about the best balance for me between:

  • THEORY: creating knowledge & influencing how others build/design tech) vs.
  • PRACTICE: interacting with people & seeing tangible impact)

My research actually has me advocating for


rights & voice for frontline health workers in NYC & India

But also around me, I see opportunities for solidarity

  • UNIONIZING: the Google Walkout and Cornell Student Union
  • ORGANIZING: social justice manifesto @ CHI, with other researchers
  • SUPPORTING: opportunities for students to connect and support each other

And even around me as a


there’s so many causes & areas I’m learning a lot about

  • SUSTAINABILITY: just transition & integrated approaches to planet health
  • FAITH & ACTION: different ways that faith communities mobilize and act
  • ABOLITION: how to integrate the mindset with other causes
  • WELLNESS: promoting dialogue around mental health and wellness
  • LOCAL POLITICS: galvanizing the local community to vote & act

I wonder how to balance all of my different hats…

  • What do I prioritize?
    How do I integrate different parts of me?
  • What type of impact do I want to make?
    What type of impact can I make?
    What is the best way I can leverage my different identities and positions?

I’m hoping to learn from other scholars & community members.



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