Visual summary of “How to Be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi

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(Summary by Joy Ming)

Antiracist: supporting antiracist policy through actions or expressing antiracist ideas

  • Antiracist policy: any measure that produces or sustains racial equality between racial groups
  • Antiracist ideas: any idea that suggests the racial groups are equal in all their apparent differences — nothing is wrong or right with any racial group

These are not fixed identities and we need to constantly, actively snub all forms of racism, including

  • Biology (race is a mirage we put in place)
  • Ethnicity (welcome people from everywhere)
  • Body (individualize violent behavior)
  • Culture (no culture is deviant)
  • Behavior (intelligence is not predetermined)
  • Color (diversify and celebrate beauty)
  • Space (hold multiple “real” worlds)
  • Class (capitalism is essentially racist)

And fight intersections with other bigotries like gender and sexuality.

The source of racist ideas is not ignorance and hate, but self interest… we need to create an environment whereby changing the policy becomes in the racist power’s self interest and then we can fight for mental and moral changes to help people find the antiracist power within.



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